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It doesn’t matter how attractive your website is or how great it looks if no one can find you on the internet!


Website Optimization – Solutions That Work!


One thing is for sure! If you don’t start now, it will take longer…so, what are you waiting for!


If someone tells you that they can guarantee a number one position in Google, run and hide from them…they want your money, and lots of it. How long before I see results from your SEO efforts? That depends on a lot of factors beyond your control. Search Engines have to crawl your web site first, index it and bring those results to the Search Engine results pages for your keyword(s). It also depends on the competition for the keyword you target. Sometimes you see results in one month, sometimes three months and sometimes it can take as long as a year.


Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your business’ website is doomed to hang around on the
lower levels of Google, Yahoo, and Bing far beyond where most searchers will even bother looking.


That’s why it is vital to incorporate good solid SEO into your web pages to improve your search engine rankings.


Simply stated, your company will not grow without SEO
With 15 years of experience we know what works and what doesn’t work


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If your site is missing from the top search results, then you may not be maximizing your ability to generate new business and add revenue to your bottom line. Here are some recent stats to consider:


* 1.3 billion Internet users
* Over 85% start at a search engine
* Less than 25% will go beyond the top 10 search engine results
* Top 10 results get 80% more traffic than those ranked in the 11-30 spots


Search engine optimization is more than just a fad nowadays…read more…It is a necessity. It is used and applied by almost all sites on the internet that aim to make money and reach online popularity and top search engine rankings. Among the many strategies of optimizing a web site, SEO web design is one of the topmost priorities.


Search engines index millions of pages for certain key words, and your website can be buried deep on page 50 or even worse if it is not properly optimized. If your website is not optimized it will not get a high search engine ranking and you will not get results no matter how many search engines your website has been submitted to. Search Engine Optimization is not brain science, but does involve many components, which if not implemented properly will yield less than optimal results.


On the web, people first think of the search engines as a way to get web traffic. One misconception is that your site is automatically available in the search engines from the first day it is open. Actually, your web site must be optimized and submitted to the search engines and in some cases must be approved before it is listed.


Over the past several years, most of the major search engines have switched to using a technique called “theme-based indexing” to rank and categorize web sites. Most of the information that you find online is out of date, and more and more businesses are finding that their search engine rankings have dropped dramatically. Some of the tactics that used to work for search engine placement, and that some experts still recommend, are downright dangerous. If you take the wrong advice, you could end up in hot water with the search engines and they could even permanently remove your site from their database.


Want top search results? Tread carefully!
In the business of promoting Web sites to top search results, some push limits to find what tricks are allowed. But there’s evidence the trade is getting more respectable. Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on News – Digital Media.