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It doesn’t matter how attractive your site is, or how great it looks, if no one can find your website on the internet.Maximizing website optimization efforts depends on proper website design.


Let us know if you would like us to design your website or help your current website designer with proper website navigation and design issues.


Call us for a free – no obligation consultation – GET FOUND!


Web sites must have a strategy, whether it’s to sell a product or service, serve as customer service site, to educate, or all of the above. This strategy should remain the focus of each page or series of pages in the site.


Every site should act as a sales tool for potential new customers, as well as an easily accessible reference guide or purchasing tool for existing clients.


Business web sites should not only welcome new visitors to browse the site, but also entice users to re-visit the site, in search of new or updated information. To accomplish this, web sites must have periodical changes made in both content and graphic design. Our website design services are not only intended to be visually pleasing, but also include search engine optimization.


Quite often it is too expensive for a small to mid-sized company to stay “up to snuff” on what’s hot and what’s not, and more importantly, what works and what doesn’t. Through website development and management of business web sites, Canadian iManagement makes the production of a full service web site cost effective for most small to medium sized businesses.


Our prices are very reasonable, considering you will be getting what many developers charge as two separate development fees. Your website is created to be ‘search engine friendly’ right from the start. There are many developers that will build a ‘whiz-bang’ website, then, when the site isn’t getting any traffic/customers/sales, will say, “Oh, we didn’t know that you wanted to be listed in the search engines! And then be more than happy to charge you again for website optimization.


It is the integrity of our team, the commitment to our work, and the trust formed with our associates that results in successful solutions for our clients.


Other services available include flash design and animation, image enhancement, ecommerce solutions and website maintainance plans. Please contact us for details regarding your web development and optimization needs.